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Our team of immigration lawyers helps clients from all over the world navigate the complex UK immigration laws. Connect with us for professional support in your Visa or British Citizenship application.

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What clients say

We did multiple assignments with QC and were very happy with the fast response and results we achieved on our applications.

manish rungta
manish rungta
Google five star client rating

Qiyin was very quick to respond to my inquiries. She was very professional, supportive and helpful. Highly recommended!

Ainul Nadhirah Hanafiah
Ainul Nadhirah Hanafiah
Google five star client rating

Qiyin listened very attentively to my concerns and reassured me. Gave me a lot of insight into how I need to plan my application in a very personal way. Would definitely highly recommend.

Sashi Ganes
Sashi Ganes
Google five star client rating

Very professional team, who helped me gain EU Settled status pre-Brexit using a new Android app. It is refreshing to see that QC-immigration team adopts fast the technology and is on top of all changes in legislation. They got my full trust.

Victoria Rusnac
Victoria Rusnac
Google five star client rating

Hafsah made my application look so simple and easy even though i was doubtful about my case before approaching QC. I can’t believe my ILR application got approved by Home office within 24 hrs of biometric appointment. Thank you Hafsah for helping me get this done.

Shubha Shet
Shubha Shet
Google five star client rating

It was a pleasure working with Qiyin and her team. They were very helpful and responsive all the time. They helped me with my Permanent Residence which was succesful and was received in less than a month. I will work with them again in the future, so I strongly recommend this Immigration office to everyone.

Nasos Balasis
Nasos Balasis
Google five star client rating

Definitely the best law firm I've ever dealt with. Hafsah Awan is an amazing lawyer, she is extremely professional, she truly cares, and gives great advise to ensure all goes smoothly. My entire process with Hafsah went really well, and we successfully got our Start-up visas to the UK, many thanks to Hafsah for her great efforts. I also loved that they are very responsive, to emails, calls, etc. Qiyin Chuah, the founder, actually helped me in the last moment during her weekend, I was very thankful for that, as not many people would even get back to you during the weekend. Overall, an amazing law firm, I'm very pleased, and I truly wish Hafsah, Qiyin, and the rest of QC Immigration team all the best, God bless you all :)

Ahmad Agha
Ahmad Agha
Google five star client rating

I had an exploratory conversation with QC Immigration. Qiyin was professional and personable throughout our conversation, explaining clearly the current criteria and regulatory considerations to keep in mind. I would have no reservations in appointing them for representation should there ever be a need, as Qiyin provided from the outset, the calm assurance of having the knowledge, experience and an individual approach that I strongly value.

May Loke
May Loke
Google five star client rating

Very good service and professional company! I contact them trough a friend because I had problem with a Family Visa in Scotland, they helped me and advised in all the process and they solved what I needed to solve so quick. Specially Qiyin and Marianna. I would always come back to them again if I needed and also recommend them. As I said, very good and Professional.

Martin Nicolas Camaño Martin
Martin Nicolas Camaño Martin
Google five star client rating

Both my fiancé and I used QC Immigration this year for our new visa and naturalisation applications, respectively, and were very happy with the service. Our main point of contact was Marianna, who was very prompt and thorough in her preparation of our applications and helpful throughout every step of the process with our concerns, etc. Highly recommend QC Immigration. Thank you again, Marianna!

Sarah Monaco
Sarah Monaco
Google five star client rating

My friend had recommended QC Immigration and I was not disappointed! Marianna was my main point of contact and she was kind, prompt and very efficient. I had a lot of questions and Marianna was very quick in replying to me. I would definitely recommend QC Immigration.

Malulie Tongprasert
Malulie Tongprasert
Google five star client rating

They were extremely professional and thorough throughout the application process. I even shared my travel plans and they worked based on my timelines, which based on experience, most companies don't prioritise. Highly recommend working with them if you want to be stress free and want your application handled with care.

Shruthi Padmanabhan
Shruthi Padmanabhan
Google five star client rating

I have been using QC Immigration to help prepare for my partner's Proposed Civil Partnership Visa application. We have been dealing with Marianna since January, and have found her to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and personable. She has always responded to my queries and concerns, (however neurotic!) and she has paid great attention to detail. It has been an invaluable service, and should our application be successful in this instance, I will not hesitate to appoint QC Immigration again to assist with the next stages. Many thanks again for your hard work and for showing us such an understanding and caring attitude! :)

Bethany Taylor-James
Bethany Taylor-James
Google five star client rating

My partner and I recently used QC Immigration when applying for a UK partner visa. They were very professional throughout and dealt with all questions and queries accordingly. Marianna was our main point of contact and was extremely diligent and reassuring throughout the process. We appreciated their attention to detail and extensive knowledge of UK immigration law and would highly recommend them to any prospective clients.

Eliot Parker
Eliot Parker
Google five star client rating

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How we work


We start a discussion by understanding your history, and we will clearly outline the best option available and any recommendations to save you time and costs.


Once you instruct us to be your legal representative, we will start preparing your case. We may require more information about you to help you more effectively.


Documentation is a crucial part of an immigration application. We will customise a document list to guide your preparation. Your dedicated lawyer will check the documents and advise of any improvements needed.


We will complete your application to the Home Office and may also write a cover letter with strong legal arguments where relevant. We may discuss this with you to confirm the final details.


We will submit your application to the Home Office, Court authorities securely. We will represent you as the main point of contact with them for any further requests.


You may sometimes be invited to attend a Home Office interview or Court hearing. While this may sound daunting, we will help you prepare and provide guidance on what questions to expect.


As soon as we receive a decision from the Home Office, we will get in touch with you to share the news.

Increase your chances of your UK visa application being accepted with the help of our experienced immigration lawyers.

We understand what the Home Office is looking for and will help you build a strong case that is clearly presented, increasing your chances of successfully obtaining a visa or citizenship.

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serving internationally


Our London-based team of immigration lawyers helps clients from all over the world to navigate the complex UK immigration laws. Speak to us for professional support in your Visa or British Citizenship application.

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What are the common reasons for UK visa rejection?

From our years of observations, the most common reason for Visa refusal is due to wrong or insufficient documents.

This may include:

  • not providing relevant evidence to explain your circumstances
  • providing documents that are not in the correct format
  • outdated documents

Other frequent reasons for refusal include:

  • declaring wrong or inadequate information
  • submitting the wrong type of application form
  • submitting an application at the wrong time.

We shall warn you of the potential red flags so that you have an opportunity to avoid the risks. It is our professional duty to do all we can to maximise your chances of success.

What immigration services does QC Immigration offer?

We offer a full range of legal services for Individuals and Businesses to help people enter and settle in the UK via the most suitable route.

The All Services page outlines the full list of services we offer and visa types we support.

We take pride in our ability to tailor our services to the unique needs of each client.

Our services page provides a complete list of services we offer and the visa types we support, including but not limited to:

If you are unsure how we can support you, please contact us to discuss your case.

Can QC Immigration guarantee I get my UK visa approved?

The decision to approve or deny a UK visa application depends on your history, how you meet the Immigration Rules and may be at the discretion of the UK government's relevant immigration authorities, such as the Home Office.

We have a team of experienced immigration experts who will provide you with professional advice and guidance on the Visa application process, helping you to navigate the complexities of UK Immigration Law, and ensuring that your application is complete and meets all the requirements set out by the relevant authorities.

As a professional regulated firm, we are legally prohibited to guarantee a successful application. This would be unethical, since the decision rests solely with the UK government's Home Office. We would instead draw upon our decades of experience and exceptional track record of success, to maximise your chances of success.

Our goal is to help you achieve your desired results, through identifying any potential issues with your application and providing innovative solutions.

How can QC Immigration assist my family and me?


We support clients and families from all over the world, in multiple languages.

Do I need to be in the UK to apply?

Whether or not you need to be in the UK to apply for a Visa or Citizenship, depends on the specific application category and your individual circumstances.

In some cases, individuals may be able to switch to a different visa category from within the UK, while others may need to leave the UK and apply from abroad.Certain visa categories require the applicant to be outside of the UK when they apply. Examples include:

In these cases, you would typically need to apply for Entry Clearance from your home country or another country where you have a legal right to stay.

However, other visa categories may allow for applications to be made from within the UK if you are switching from a qualifying Visa category. For example:

In most cases, you are unable to switch from a Visitor Visa to a long-term Visa category unless there are exceptional circumstances.We will guide you, step-by-step, to navigate the procedures based on your unique circumstances.

How long does it take for UK visa to be approved?

The processing time for a UK visa application depends several factors, including the type of visa being applied for, the country where the application is made, and the case’s complexity.

For most visa categories, the standard processing time for a UK Visa application is usually within 1 month from the date of submission. However, some visa categories may have a longer processing time, such as Settlement visas, which can take several months to be processed.

Where Priority or Super Priority Services are available, this may reduce the processing time to 1 week or 1 working day.Processing times are just an estimate, and actual processing times can vary, especially when your case is complex.

To ensure that your visa application is processed as quickly and smoothly as possible, it's essential to submit a complete and accurate application, including all necessary supporting documentation.

Our team will present a robust application for you, to ensure we have the highest chance of success and a decision as fast as practically possible.

Can an immigration lawyer speed up immmigration process?

Through our professional experience and support, we can help reduce the risk of delay by ensuring that you do not miss important deadlines and documentation.

We are aware of the latest changes in Home Office procedures, and can help you in securing Priority or Super Priority service if available, as their availability can be limited.

If you encounter new developments in your circumstances which require an urgent decision, we can advise you on the options which may include changing the strategy in your application or representing you in requesting for your case to be expedited by the Home Office or by the Courts.

How can I get free immigration advice UK?

QC Immigration does not provide free immigration advice, although we are happy to discuss your case to ensure your desired goal is feasible and you are comfortable with the application roadmap.

If you are looking for free immigration advice or legal aid, there are several resources that you may consider:

  1. Citizens Advice: Citizens Advice offers free advice on a range of issues, including immigration. You can visit a local Citizens Advice office or access their website for more information.
  2. Law centres: There are several law centres across the UK that offer free legal advice and assistance, including immigration. You can find your nearest law centre by visiting the Law Centres Network website.
  3. Migrant Help: Migrant Help is a charity that provides support and advice to migrants and refugees in the UK. They offer free advice and support on a range of issues, including immigration.
  4. The UK government website: The UK government's official website provides a range of information on immigration, including visa requirements, eligibility, and application procedures. While it is not a substitute for personalised legal advice, it can be a good starting point for understanding the basics of UK immigration.While these resources can provide helpful information and advice, they may not be able to provide the same level of tailored advice and support as an experienced immigration lawyer or consultancy firm.

If you want to maximise your chance of success, it is best to seek professional legal advice from a qualified immigration lawyer regulated by the OISC (Office of Immigration Services Commissioner), especially if your case is complex.

Why should I hire an immigration lawyer?

There are several reasons why you may want to consider hiring an immigration lawyer or advisor to assist you with your UK immigration needs:

  • An experienced immigration practitioner has extensive knowledge of UK immigration law, procedures, and policies.
  • They can provide you with expert advice and guidance on the most appropriate visa category for your specific circumstances and ensure that your application meets all the requirements by the Home Office, Courts or local authorities.
Increased chances of success
  • Working with an experienced immigration specialist can maximize your chances of success by ensuring that your application is complete, accurate, and strong.
  • They can also identify any potential issues with your application and provide advance solutions to address them, avoiding delays and potential rejections.
Legal representation
  • An regulated immigration advisor can represent you in legal proceedings related to your immigration case, including Appeals and Judicial Reviews.
  • They can also liaise with the relevant authorities on your behalf, reducing your stress and workload in the immigration process.
  • The UK immigration process can be complex and time-consuming.
  • An experienced immigration lawyer can inform you of Priority or Super Priority options and help you secure them, help speed up the process by ensuring that your application is properly prepared and submitted, and keeping you informed of the progress and options of your application.
  • Mistakes are costly. The Home Office, Court or local authorities may not always refund your paid fees if your application is refused. If timelines are missed, this may also risk overstaying which could jeopardise your lawful status.
  • With a trusted immigration advisor by your side, you will benefit from urgent advice should your circumstances change to ensure that you are always making the best choices throughout your Visa or Citizenship journey.
Peace of mind
  • Immigration matters can be stressful and emotionally draining. Hiring an immigration lawyer can provide you with assurance, knowing that your case is being handled by trusted professional who has your best interests in mind.

Overall, working with an immigration lawyer can help make the UK immigration process smoother, stress-free, and more likely to achieve a positive outcome.

What documents are required for immigration?

Each Visa category requires different types of documents.

These may vary depending on your specific circumstances, where you are applying from and if any family members are joining you.

For example, most UK Visa applications from abroad require these general documents:

Valid passport

You will need a valid passport to enter the UK. Your passport must be valid for the entire duration of your stay in the UK.A completed visa application form: It is important to complete the correct application form as this will guide the decision-maker’s consideration.

Application form

You will need to complete a visa application form, which you can access online. The form will ask for personal details, travel plans, and other relevant information.

Proof of financial support

You will need to demonstrate that you have enough funds to support yourself while you are in the UK. This can be in the form of bank statements, payslips, or other evidence of income.

Evidence of accommodation

You will need to provide evidence of where you will be staying while in the UK, such as a hotel reservation or rental agreement.

Evidence of ties to your home country

You will need to demonstrate that you have strong ties to your home country, such as a job, family, or property, that will ensure your return to your home country after your stay in the UK.

Biometric information

You will need to provide biometric information, including fingerprints and a photograph, which will be used to verify your identity.

Additional documents

Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, you may need to provide other documents, such as

  • sponsorship letter
  • educational qualifications
  • work experience.

There is no one-size-fits-all document list as we should consider the client’s personal circumstances when choosing the relevant documents.

The Immigration Rules change often hence it is essential to check the latest requirements and procedures before applying.

Working with an experienced Immigration Lawyer or Specialist Immigration Firm can help ensure that your application is robust and meets all Home Office requirements.

How much does a UK immigration lawyer cost?

The cost of hiring a lawyer will depend on the complexity of the case, and the amount of work involved.

Whilst some lawyers charge hourly rates, QC Immigration provides a fixed fee service which ensures you have certainty about the cost of the service. It's important to note that additional costs, such as government fees, that may be involved in the immigration process.

We will outline all of the costs related your case before we start working on your case. If you would like to get a quote for you visa and immigration case, please visit our pricing page and we will send you a quote for your case.

Click this link to get a quote.

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