Jun 28, 2017
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Guest Blog: Thought For The Day: London Without Immigration?

UK Immigration

Guest Blogger, Taran shares her view on London without immigration.  If you have an immigration story you would like to share, please contact us: info@qc-immigration.com

As we all know, London is one of the most diverse capitals in the world, so why are so many bothered by immigration numbers? We can take it back to the days of the British Empire and colonialism, noting that Britain established colonies around the globe; essentially inviting them to be part of the Empire, or we can put into perspective the current trends and life as it is today.

In light of Brexit and some of the issues imposed by it, levels of uncertainty regarding immigration statuses have soared. I personally believe that, since the EU referendum last year, those supporting Brexit have felt somewhat empowered to vocally express their negative thoughts regarding immigrants, leaving an unwelcoming sense in a city which is home to individuals from all corners of the world. Racism has always existed but only recently has it been lifted from its semi-dormant state. What many fail to realise is that they are exposed to an abundance of cultures everyday of their lives, which, in essence, is a result of immigration.

Foreign nationals, commonwealth citizens, international students and many others all contribute in one form or another to the skills delivered and the culture we are exposed to every day; be it cuisine, fashion, music, and the list goes on. Even the most famous diamond from the Crown Jewels are from India; the cars driven are German; the coffee drank is South American; the electronics used are Chinese. Immigration is not solely in the form of ‘people’ as it may seem, it results in expanded culture that these people bring, especially those with dual-citizenship who get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Border control is imperative for national security but London would not be London without immigrants. The UK has wonderfully adopted external influences and incorporated them into its own nation. The leading example of this is the UK national dish. Do you know what it is? London may be small but #LondonIsOpen and everybody should be honored to be a part of such a multicultural, immigration-driven society.

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