Mar 12, 2017
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Migrants Add Value to Businesses with Foreign Languages

UK Immigration

A migrant’s most valuable contribution to the workplace is fluency in a foreign language. We often represent Tier 2 Sponsor Employers seeking to hire or retain foreign staff who could assist the business to advance further in global markets with their foreign language skills and international work experience.

We are proud to support Chinese Jobs UK, who have announced the availability of their new recruitment website service beginning March 1, 2016. More information can be found at logo

Similarly, Chinese job seekers looking for the latest recruitment website service will soon be able to get involved with Chinese Jobs UK. Today, Deon Widjaja, Marketing Director at Chinese Jobs UK, releases details of the new recruitment website service’s development.

The recruitment website service is designed to appeal specifically to employers seeking Mandarin & Cantonese speakers and includes:

It is an online hub for employers looking to employ Mandarin & Cantonese speakers – this feature was included because it will massively improve the employer’s ability to make use of the service. Companies can post their job vacancies in the website for free. This is great news for the clients as it will deliver the information they need in the most effective way possible.

A comprehensive and multilingual job platform for Chinese job seekers in the UK – this was made part of the service which allows for Simplified, Traditional Mandarin as well as English, so all Chinese speakers and English speakers can easily navigate around the site and can easily choose where to look for jobs suitable to them. This website provides a distinct focus that caters to the aspect which unifies different types of Chinese groups – language.

English Website:

在 英國找工作?匯集40家 招聘網站中要求普通話或粵語的職位,專注中國市場——為您節省大量時間,幫您在英國找到完美工作。

Chinese Website:

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