Fiancé Visa UK

If you are not married and wish to enter the UK to marry your fiancé(e), you will be applying for entry clearance to join your partner in the UK, under the Fiancé Visa route.

Your partner must be a British or Irish citizen, have settled in the UK or be from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein and have pre-settled status.

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About The Fiancé Visa

The Fiancé Visa, also known as the Family Visa (as a fiancé, fiancée, or proposed civil partner), will be granted for 6 months. You will have to get married within this time, then switch to a Spouse Visa which would enable you a longer period of stay and the ability to work thereafter.

What Is a Fiancé Visa?

International marriages are quite common today. The visa-free regime and biometric passports may allow for visits between some European countries. However, there are different rules in the United Kingdom if you wish to marry or register your civil partnership here. You need to obtain a special permit to visit the UK, e.g., future spouses need a Fiancée Visa or a Wedding Visa.

Fiancé Visa UK (Engagement Visa or Civil Partner Visa) is a category of family visas in the UK intended for couples where one of the partners is a permanent resident of the country and the other wants to get married here. It is a popular option for couples planning to get married in the UK.

The Visa is available for persons over 18 who wish to legitimize their committed relationships, i.e., marry a British citizen, Irish citizen, or a person with Indefinite Leave to Remain or EU Settled Status. The Visa is valid for 6 months.

After this period, the couple must be married to qualify for a Spouse Visa. You can stay in the UK for 5 years and obtain ILR status, but the initial Fiancé / Fiancée Visa does not provide the right to employment or education.

This status is much easier to obtain with the support of experienced specialists because an extensive list of conditions must be met.

Who Is Eligible for a UK Fiancé Visa?

The following conditions must be met to ensure that the UK Home Office approves your Fiancé Visa application:

  • Future spouses must be at least 18 years old at the time of submitting the application form.
  • Provide evidence of the genuine nature of the relationship and confirm your intentions to get married within 6 months of arrival in the UK.
  • Confirm sponsoring partner’s status: be British or Irish, live in the UK on ILR (permanent resident), have refugee status, be under humanitarian protection of the state, be an EU citizen with Pre-settled or Settled status, or live in the UK on a Turkish Businessperson Visa or have a Turkish Worker Visa.
  • The minimum annual income must be at least £29,000 (or £23,496 for HM Armed Forces personnel) without recourse to public funds
  • Prove that your partner/future spouse has a home for marital residence in the UK.
  • Prove your language fluency: your English must be at least A1 (according to CEFR).

Please note that Fiancé Visa requirements may vary, as the individual criteria depends on your circumstances. You can contact an immigration expert for detailed information about obtaining permission to reside in the country on this type of visa.

UK Fiancé Visa Requirements

To successfully apply for a Fiancé Visa, you must meet certain requirements. These include general requirements, financial requirements, and proof of a legitimate relationship with the genuine intention to marry or become a civil partner within the 6 months of stay.

General requirements

As a general requirement, you must be able to prove that you can speak English at a proficient level. You will need to meet or exceed level A1 on the CEFR scale for your first visa application, choosing amongst a list of approved English language tests.

You must also prove that your relationship with your intended spouse is legitimate, that you have the resources to financially support yourself (and any dependants), and intend to live together in the UK in suitable accommodation.

Financial requirements

To be granted access to the UK to marry or become a civil partner through the Fiancé Visa, you must be able to prove that you can support yourself (and any children; who are not British or Irish citizens, do not have pre-settled status or are not permanently settled in the UK) financially. Between you and your proposed partner, you must ensure that you meet the following financial requirements depending on your situation:

The current income threshold to meet is £29,000 or £23,496 for HM Armed Forces personnel.

For existing Spouse or Civil Partner Visa holders on this route before 11 April 2024 and applying for Extension or Indefinite Leave to Remain, you may continue to meet the previous minimum income requirement of £18,600 under the Appendix FM transitional arrangements.

There are various ways to prove you meet the financial requirements. You can do so through:

1. Proof of income, savings, pension money, or money through dividends such as rental property.

2. You may also be exempt if your UK resident partner is receiving certain benefits or allowance.

If you would like guidance on this, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Prohibited Degree of Relationship Requirement

The Marriage Act of 1986 prohibits relatives from entering into marriage, which means that adopted children and parents, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters (including step-sisters) are excluded from the list of applicants for a Fiancé Visa.

The Requirement to Have Met in Person

UK Fiancé Visa requirements include confirmation of personal meetings that resulted in acquaintance, commitment, and subsequent communication. Please note that correspondence and telephone contacts do not solely provide the right to apply for the UK Fiancé Visa.

Genuine and Subsisting Relationship Requirement

How can you prove that you have a relationship with a qualifying UK Sponsor to convince the immigration authorities of your serious and sincere intentions? Evidence of a long-distance romantic relationship between partners can be dated documents from holidays, visits, and important occasions, as well as correspondence in instant messengers and social networks. It would be a good idea to provide objective letters of recommendation from friends and testimonies from relatives who are aware of the development of your relationships.

If you have been a couple for a long time, and the Fiancé Visa is needed only to register the relationship legally, you need to collect additional documents such as:

  • Bank account statements.
  • Mortgage or rental agreements confirming joint financial responsibility.
  • Birth/adoption certificate for your child/children.

Please note! A deliberate attempt to mislead the migration authorities or enter into a “fictitious or sham marriage, or a marriage of convenience” may result in a refusal to issue the Fiancé Visa or a ban on entry and stay in the United Kingdom.

UK Fiancé Visa Accommodation Requirements

Don't forget to provide information about your living conditions to the UK Home Office, as well as proof stating that you can pay for your accommodation. The assessment of the place of residence is carried out according to UK housing standards: at least two separate rooms for a married couple and children, as well as additional rooms if the family has children of different genders.

Requirements for Previous Relationships

Fiancé Visa applicants must have the legal right to marry. To do this, you need to prepare evidence that you have no relationship with your previous partner, you are divorced, your civil partnership has been officially dissolved, or you are a widow/widower, which means you have the legal right to remarry.

Fiancé Visa VS Spouse Visa

The main differences between the Fiancé Visa and the Spouse Visa are that the former is for engaged couples and is valid for up to 6 months, while the latter is for spouses and allows them to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain and British citizenship. For the latter, you need to live in a subsisting marriage or civil partnership for at least 5 years to achieve UK Settlement.

In addition, the Spouse Visa provides the right to employment, medical care, and education throughout the validity period.

Documents Required for a Fiancé Visa

The complete package of documents that must be submitted to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for foreign citizens includes and is not limited to:

  • Valid English visa application (filled out online).
  • Identification document (passport, ID card, relevant residence document).
  • Evidence confirming the couple's romantic and exclusive relationship.
  • Official document meeting the English language requirement, such as CEFR exam certificate or other transcripts.
  • Financial evidence, such as bank statements, investment reports, etc.
  • Certificate of divorce, marriage, and birth of children (joint or adopted).
  • Information about the immigrant's other applications, such as a criminal record.
  • Tuberculosis test result.
  • National insurance number where relevant.
  • Bills for consultations and medical fees.

Please note! Mandatory medical examinations such as TB test must be taken in clinics or hospitals approved by the Home Office.

Package of documents from a UK resident:

  • Proof of your Sponsor’s status (Nationality and UK residence documents).
  • Evidence of meeting the minimum income threshold, e.g., bank account statements, payslips, employment letter, or other means of meeting the financial requirement.
  • Confirmation of UK residence: lease agreement, mortgage, or documents confirming accommodation support and availability.
  • Relevant letters or testimonies.
  • Information confirming the relationship with the applicant.
  • Arrangements to marry from the Marriage Registrar office.

All documentation you collect must be professionally translated into English, and the authenticity of documents is carefully checked by the UK immigration service.

Given such a wide and tailored list of requirements and documents necessary for obtaining the Fiancé Visa, we recommend that you seek advice from competent immigration lawyers.

Legitimate relationships

To successfully apply for a Fiancé Visa, you must have a probably legitimate relationship. This means meeting the following relationship requirements:

  • Your partner is a permanent resident in the UK
  • Your partner is over the age of 18
  • You and your partner have met
  • You intend to marry and live together within 6 months of stay in the UK

In addition to the intention to marry, you will need to have documents to prove that you plan to marry or become civil partners within 6 months of arriving in the UK.

If you do not meet the requirements but you fall under some of the following circumstances, you may still explore applying for a Visa if there are exceptional circumstances such as:

  • You have a child who has lived in the UK for 7 years and it would be unreasonable for them to leave the UK
  • You have a child who is a UK or Irish citizen
  • There would be significant difficulties for you and your partner if you lived together as a couple outside of the UK that could not be overcome
  • It would breach your human rights to stop you from coming to the UK or make you leave

If you would like to ensure that you are meeting all the requirements and providing the Home Office with all the necessary documents, book a consultation so our experienced team can help you successfully apply for a Fiancé Visa.

Fiancé Visa Extensions and ILR

Once you marry, you can switch to a Spouse Visa which will allow you to live and work in the UK for up to 5 years (with extensions). Following this, you will be able to apply for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) through the 5-Year route. In order to achieve ILR, you may need to achieve certain further requirements such as the Life in the UK Test.

If you gain ILR, you can reside in the UK with your spouse or civil partner indefinitely. It also opens up a path towards British Citizenship should you want to pursue it.

Please note that if your wedding ceremony is cancelled due to external factors such as COVID-19 regulations, an extension on your 6-month period of stay may be requested.

UK Fiancé Visa Costs: What Do They Depend On?

As well as proving that you can afford to reside in the UK with your partner and any dependant you may have, you must consider the costs of your application itself. The Fiancé Visa UK costs £1,846 if you are applying from outside the UK and £1,048 if applied from within, with additional costs for any dependants that you may bring along. You will need to pay the immigration health surcharge (IHS).

On top of this, you should consider the fees that come with legal assistance. It is highly advisable to bring on legal professionals who will give you the proper guidance to increase the chances of a successful application.

UK Fiancé Visa Processing Time

UK Fiancé Visa application is possible outside the country only. The UK Fiancé Visa process usually takes 12 weeks, but may last up to six months, depending on the presentation of your case and any administrative backlog. You may opt for the Priority service, allowing the application to be put in front of the queue for consideration.

The decision-making time to grant a Fiancé Visa depends on many factors: errors in filling out the form or in documents, the need to receive requests and clarifications, and the workload of the UK Visas and Immigration service. If additional documents are requested or the application is not presented clearly or sufficiently, the process may be delayed.

Competent assistance and support from lawyers on immigration issues will prevent errors in documents and minimize the risk of refusal.

Why you should work with QC Immigration

QC Immigration is an experienced team of legal professionals with extensive and practical knowledge of immigration law. We have an impressive past track record and can offer the pragmatic guidance that you need to put together and submit a strong visa application that has a greater chance of success.

Please get in touch with us today. We can be reached online, through our email or by phone on 0203 637 8633.

How to apply for a UK Fiancé Visa

The Fiancé Visa UK application can be submitted when you, the applicant, are outside the United Kingdom. You should submit your application online (through the Home Office website) in the country where you live. It is not necessary to be a citizen of this state as long as you have the right to reside there.

The official system allows you to upload scanned copies of the original documents required to confirm your eligibility for a Fiancé Visa, as well as pay the application fee. Before the Visa appointment, do not forget to explore and clarify all procedures and options for the country where you are going to apply.

Refusal of a Fiancé Visa to the UK

The British government aims to reduce immigration figures and has introduced stricter rules for applicants lately. If you cannot provide compliant information about yourself and any relevant parties, the Home Office has the right to reject the application.

The main reasons for refusal when processing your application:

  • Records of offences or debt in the UK or other country.
  • Criminal past.
  • Knowingly providing false information.
  • Missing a scheduled interview or appointment without an acceptable reason.
  • Refusal to undergo any mandatory medical examination.
  • The applicant's behaviour may be detrimental to the public good.
  • The applicant is or was subject to deportation.

A refusal to grant a Fiancé Visa may be challenged in court, since such actions of the administrative body may be regarded as a violation of human rights. We may appeal to the First-tier Tribunal with strong grounds about any mistake made by the Home Office or any breach of your right to private or family life.

Obtaining a Fiancé Visa in the UK is not an easy task, so approach all stages responsibly. Pay attention to detail in checking the accuracy of the documents, and if you doubt anything, entrust the casework preparation to our professional advisors.

The professional service fee of a UK Fiancé Visa will include support at every stage: completing the application form, document checking, subsequent advice, and assistance in case of refusal.

If you do not meet the requirements but you fall under some of the following circumstances, you may still explore applying for another type of Family Visa if there are exceptional circumstances, such as:

  • You have a child who has lived in the UK for 7 years, and it would be unreasonable for them to leave the UK.
  • You have a child who is a UK or Irish citizen.
  • There would be significant difficulties for you and your partner if you lived together as a couple outside the UK that could not be overcome.
  • It would breach your human rights to stop you from coming to the UK or make you leave.

If you would like to ensure that you are meeting all the requirements and providing the Home Office with all the necessary documents, book a consultation so our experienced team can help you successfully apply for a UK Visa.


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