Jun 29, 2017
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Could you pass the Life In The UK Test?

Could you pass the Life In The UK Test?
Life In The UK Test

Recent figures suggest the Citizenship Test is getting more difficult to pass.

We took a look at the last release of Life in the UK test data that was released by the government.  The interactive map below shows the number of Citizenship Tests taken around the country and the corresponding pass rates.  On average, between 2010 - 2013 there were an average of 12,060 tests taken across the country each month with 77% people passing (23% fail).

More recent data obtained by the Manchester Evening News suggests that the test could be getting harder as 125,925 tests were taken in 2016, with 36% of people failing.  This compares to to an average of around 22% of people failing between 2010 - 2013 - but as you can see from the chart below, the pass rates have been variable over the years.

Still think you could pass the Life In The UK Test? The only real way to guarantee your readiness to pass the test, is to ensure that you prepare adequately for it. We would recommend that all prospective test takers use the official hand book as recommended by the Home Office. You can also practice the Life in the UK Test online via our website, or with other online providers.

The Life in the UK test last for 45 minutes and comprises of 24 questions.  Participants have to obtain 75%, which equates to 18 correct answers.  The cost of sitting the test is £50 and you would have to pay this each successive time you sit for the exam, so this makes it even more attractive to pass the first time round.

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