Nov 8, 2018
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Tier 2 Visa Cap Discussion on ITV News

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ITV News: QC Immigration contributes on Tier 2 Visa Cap

Earlier in 2018, QC Immigration’s Director, Qiyin Chuah, was invited on ITV News to comment on the recent Tier 2 Visa Cap. She explained how the Tier 2 Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship (RCoS) allocation system worked and the effects it has had on UK employers, as below:

The Tier 2 Visa Cap is the UK government’s approach to control net migration. UK employers wishing to hire non-EU skilled workers under the Tier 2 (General) Work Visa scheme must first apply for the Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship (RCoS). Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship applications submitted before the 5th of each month will usually be considered later in that month.

Since late 2017, the monthly quotas for Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship (RCoS) have been reached for the third month in a row. This means that the high volume of applications received for RCoS has exceeded the number available to grant.

Businesses all over the UK received news that their applications have been unsuccessful, despite many months of consecutive attempts. The NHS who is already facing a staff shortage, is in crisis due to this Tier 2 Visa Cap. As reported by ITV News:

“Addenbrooke's Hospital has said a cap on Tier 2 visas is preventing it from employing the junior doctors it needs.
Senior figures at the Cambridge hospital say the system currently prevents them from hiring well trained medical staff with good english from overseas. Even in positions which can't otherwise be filled.

Three doctors from India, Pakistan and the Carribean who'd been offered jobs at the hospital recently had applications turned down by the Home Office.”

Under this Points-Based System route, the Home Office adopts a points’ calculation to prioritise certain allocations. Jobs on the Shortage Occupation List, at PhD level, Graduate roles recruited via a milkround. Higher-paid jobs would also score more points and qualify. Therefore, those on entry-level or lower salaries stood a slim chance of being allocated the RCoS given the present quota.

Read the full article on the NHS Hospital struggling with the Tier 2 Visa Cap here.

June 2018 update:

Good news! After months of campaigning from immigration lawyers and UK businesses, the Home Office has now removed NHS Doctors and Nurses from the Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship monthly allocations quota. This has regulated the monthly allocations and enable more highly-skilled worker to be recruited by UK businesses.

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