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The partner visa is designed for individuals seeking entry or continued residence in the UK on the basis of their relationship with a British citizen or someone who has settled status (also known as indefinite leave to remain).

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We start a discussion by understanding your history, and we will clearly outline the best option available and any recommendations to save you time and costs.


Once you instruct us to be your legal representative, we will start preparing your case. We may require more information about you to help you more effectively.


Documentation is a crucial part of an immigration application. We will customise a document list to guide your preparation. Your dedicated lawyer will check the documents and advise of any improvements needed.


We will complete your application to the Home Office and may also write a cover letter with strong legal arguments where relevant. We may discuss this with you to confirm the final details.


We will submit your application to the Home Office, Court authorities securely. We will represent you as the main point of contact with them for any further requests.


You may sometimes be invited to attend a Home Office interview or Court hearing. While this may sound daunting, we will help you prepare and provide guidance on what questions to expect.


As soon as we receive a decision from the Home Office, we will get in touch with you to share the news.

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We did multiple assignments with QC and were very happy with the fast response and results we achieved on our applications.

manish rungta
manish rungta
Google five star client rating

Qiyin was very quick to respond to my inquiries. She was very professional, supportive and helpful. Highly recommended!

Ainul Nadhirah Hanafiah
Ainul Nadhirah Hanafiah
Google five star client rating

Qiyin listened very attentively to my concerns and reassured me. Gave me a lot of insight into how I need to plan my application in a very personal way. Would definitely highly recommend.

Sashi Ganes
Sashi Ganes
Google five star client rating

Very professional team, who helped me gain EU Settled status pre-Brexit using a new Android app. It is refreshing to see that QC-immigration team adopts fast the technology and is on top of all changes in legislation. They got my full trust.

Victoria Rusnac
Victoria Rusnac
Google five star client rating

Hafsah made my application look so simple and easy even though i was doubtful about my case before approaching QC. I can’t believe my ILR application got approved by Home office within 24 hrs of biometric appointment. Thank you Hafsah for helping me get this done.

Shubha Shet
Shubha Shet
Google five star client rating

It was a pleasure working with Qiyin and her team. They were very helpful and responsive all the time. They helped me with my Permanent Residence which was succesful and was received in less than a month. I will work with them again in the future, so I strongly recommend this Immigration office to everyone.

Nasos Balasis
Nasos Balasis
Google five star client rating

Definitely the best law firm I've ever dealt with. Hafsah Awan is an amazing lawyer, she is extremely professional, she truly cares, and gives great advise to ensure all goes smoothly. My entire process with Hafsah went really well, and we successfully got our Start-up visas to the UK, many thanks to Hafsah for her great efforts. I also loved that they are very responsive, to emails, calls, etc. Qiyin Chuah, the founder, actually helped me in the last moment during her weekend, I was very thankful for that, as not many people would even get back to you during the weekend. Overall, an amazing law firm, I'm very pleased, and I truly wish Hafsah, Qiyin, and the rest of QC Immigration team all the best, God bless you all :)

Ahmad Agha
Ahmad Agha
Google five star client rating

I had an exploratory conversation with QC Immigration. Qiyin was professional and personable throughout our conversation, explaining clearly the current criteria and regulatory considerations to keep in mind. I would have no reservations in appointing them for representation should there ever be a need, as Qiyin provided from the outset, the calm assurance of having the knowledge, experience and an individual approach that I strongly value.

May Loke
May Loke
Google five star client rating

Very good service and professional company! I contact them trough a friend because I had problem with a Family Visa in Scotland, they helped me and advised in all the process and they solved what I needed to solve so quick. Specially Qiyin and Marianna. I would always come back to them again if I needed and also recommend them. As I said, very good and Professional.

Martin Nicolas Camaño Martin
Martin Nicolas Camaño Martin
Google five star client rating

Both my fiancé and I used QC Immigration this year for our new visa and naturalisation applications, respectively, and were very happy with the service. Our main point of contact was Marianna, who was very prompt and thorough in her preparation of our applications and helpful throughout every step of the process with our concerns, etc. Highly recommend QC Immigration. Thank you again, Marianna!

Sarah Monaco
Sarah Monaco
Google five star client rating

My friend had recommended QC Immigration and I was not disappointed! Marianna was my main point of contact and she was kind, prompt and very efficient. I had a lot of questions and Marianna was very quick in replying to me. I would definitely recommend QC Immigration.

Malulie Tongprasert
Malulie Tongprasert
Google five star client rating

They were extremely professional and thorough throughout the application process. I even shared my travel plans and they worked based on my timelines, which based on experience, most companies don't prioritise. Highly recommend working with them if you want to be stress free and want your application handled with care.

Shruthi Padmanabhan
Shruthi Padmanabhan
Google five star client rating

I have been using QC Immigration to help prepare for my partner's Proposed Civil Partnership Visa application. We have been dealing with Marianna since January, and have found her to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and personable. She has always responded to my queries and concerns, (however neurotic!) and she has paid great attention to detail. It has been an invaluable service, and should our application be successful in this instance, I will not hesitate to appoint QC Immigration again to assist with the next stages. Many thanks again for your hard work and for showing us such an understanding and caring attitude! :)

Bethany Taylor-James
Bethany Taylor-James
Google five star client rating

My partner and I recently used QC Immigration when applying for a UK partner visa. They were very professional throughout and dealt with all questions and queries accordingly. Marianna was our main point of contact and was extremely diligent and reassuring throughout the process. We appreciated their attention to detail and extensive knowledge of UK immigration law and would highly recommend them to any prospective clients.

Eliot Parker
Eliot Parker
Google five star client rating


What happens if my marriage is cancelled?

If your marriage has been cancelled due to outside factors, you may be able to extend your Fiancé Visa. However, if your relationship has ended within the 6-month stay granted, you will have to find another way into the UK. See our full list of Visa Routes to see if you could be eligible for alternative routes.

What happens if my Partner Visa application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, you have the right to appeal against the Home Office’s decision. This is a challenging and time-consuming process that is best assisted by an immigration adviser.

Contact us on 0203 647 8633 or for expert advice and assistance in relation to your Partner Visa Application or Appeal.

What is the Partner Visa processing time?

It usually takes between 2-12 weeks for a Spouse Visa case to be processed by the Home Office.

The Visa processing time can vary depending on the documents provided and the country where the paperwork is submitted from. In addition, applicants have the option to choose the Priority Processing Service which puts their application ahead of the queue.

For those applying in the UK, there is a 24-hour service available

How can I qualify for the Partner Visa accommodation requirements?

To qualify, the property needs enough rooms to accommodate the couple and any dependents. Each person requires an individual room, however:

  • Couples can share the same bedroom
  • Living rooms can be included when counting bedrooms
  • Children under 1 do not need their own room
  • Children aged 1-9 years old counts as half a person
  • Children aged 10 years or over count as an adult
  • Children aged 10 or over of the opposite sex cannot share a room.
What is continuous residence?

Continuous residence can be defined as time spent lawfully in the UK without any excessive periods of absences or overstaying

What happens if my Partner Visa application is accepted?

If your application is successful, you will be issued a permit which allows you to enter the UK within a 30-day period. Upon arrival in the UK, you will have a 10-day period in which you must collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).

If you fail to enter the UK within this timeframe, you can apply for another 30-day entry permit. However, you will be charged an additional fee for this.

What are the Partner Visa accommodation requirements?

As part of your application, you will need to present proof of accommodation that meets UK living standards.
Your UK national partner, who acts as your sponsor will need to show that he or she can provide adequate accommodation for themselves, the applicant and any dependents.

For proof of accommodation, the Home Office will ask you to provide:

  • A description of the property
  • Proof that there are enough rooms in the property to accommodate everyone
  • Evidence that you can afford to pay your family’s accommodation.
What is the process for UK Partner Visa?

Applicants who are eligible for UK Spouse Visa are required to follow the process below:

  • Complete Online Application
  • Make the Visa Fee Payment and Immigration Health Surcharge Payment
  • Visit the UK VFS to submit original passport and biometric enrolment
  • Send documents to the Home Office Visa processing team.
What are the requirements for extension of UK Partner Visa?

Applicants seeking to extend their stay in the UK as spouses of British citizens or persons settled in the UK are required to demonstrate that their relationship is still subsisting, in addition, they are required to show that they continue to meet the financial eligibility requirement and English language requirement.

What do I do if my Fiance Visa application is rejected?

If your visa is rejected, you may appeal the Home Office decision, but to do so you will need a strong case. Having legal assistance will ensure that your appeal has the best chances.

What sources of income can be included towards the Partner Visa financial criteria?

To meet the minimum income requirement, you can use:

  • Pensions•
  • Maternity, paternity, adoption or sick pay•
  • Earnings from employment/self-employment•
  • Savings over £16,000•
  • Other income such as that generated from rent or shares etc.

If you are applying from outside the UK, you can use your savings to contribute towards the total income amount – however not your earnings. If you are working in the UK, your earnings can count towards the total amount.

In addition, you can also use a combination of savings and earnings to assist you with meeting the minimum income threshold – you will need to prove that you have enough financial support for the entire time of the Visa.

We can analyse your financial circumstances and advise further on the acceptable resources.

What are the English Test requirement for Partners?

Applicants who wish to live in the UK need to be able to prove that they can speak English. Once you have passed the English Language Test, it will be valid for 2 years.

You must sit an English Test in speaking and listening. Your qualification will only be valid if you take the assessment through an approved Secure English Testing (SELT) provider.

Currently, SELT tests for immigration purposes are available through Trinity College London or the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Consortium.

However, you do not need an English test if you:

  • Are a national of a majority English speaking country
  • Are aged under 18 or over 65
  • Have a long-term physical or mental condition
  • Hold a UK Bachelors degree or higher
  • Hold a foreign degree or any educational establishment that was taught or researched in English. Your qualification will only be valid if confirmed by UK NARIC.
Can you renew or extend a Partner Visa?

You can renew and/or extend your visa for another 2 years and 6 months – if your current status has not expired. After you have lived in the UK for a total of 5 years, you can apply for settled status (Indefinite Leave to Remain).

What is the ‘Genuine Relationship Test’?

The applicant needs to be able to prove that they are in a genuine and subsisting relationship, cohabitation, marriage or civil partnership. There are various types of communication and relationship evidence that you may provide to the Home Office. We can advise you on the relevant documentation that should be submitted, tailored according to your unique circumstances.

What are your rights under the Partner Visa?

The UK Partner Visa enables applicants to join their partner and live in the UK and qualify for settlement after a minimum of 5 years. Whilst the you are eligible to work on this Visa, you cannot claim most of the benefits that are available including tax credits, or housing allowance.

Do I need a Fiance Visa if I want to get married in the UK but not settle?

If you are looking to get married or enter a civil partnership in the UK, but are not planning to stay or settle, you would need a Marriage Visitor Visa. This would let you stay in the UK for 6 months to get married, but cannot be extended, and you cannot switch to another visa. Contact us if you would like to know more.

How much does a UK Partner Visa cost?

The current fee is £1,523 for applications submitted from abroad as outlined by the Home Office.

If you are submitted your application form from within the UK, the cost is reduced to £1,033. The charge will vary depending on whether you are applying with dependents.

Note: you can only apply from inside the UK if you are not trying to enter the country as a visitor or have been given leave to stay in the UK for more than 6 months.

There are additional costs related to your application that you should consider when you send your forms/documentation.

What are the requirements for a Partner Visa?

The current Immigration rules that ought to be met:

  • Applicant/Sponsor meet the minimum income threshold through demonstrating that they meet the financial requirement of £18,600 per annum if in employment; plus, additional funds if you have children who are not British, Irish or Settled persons.
  • Must pass the ‘Genuine Relationship Test’ by providing evidence that the relationship is genuine and subsisting.
  • Have all the required documents.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of written and spoken English (either by taking IELTS or having their education qualification assessed by UK NARIC).
  • Provide evidence that there is suitable accommodation for you and your partner and any dependants (if any).
  • You may also need to pass the Tuberculosis (TB) test and submit a TB test certificate depending on the applicant’s country of residence British, Irish or Settled persons.
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