Mar 9, 2019
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A love story that defied borders

Spouse and Partner Visa

The Times article: A love story that defied borders

As immigration lawyers, we meet people from all walks of lives. We often witness the unconditional love and support people have for each other, through good and tough times.

An unforgettable couple we have had the pleasure to work with are Sumit and James. We would like to congratulate them for their wedding and their wonderful article in The Times. Read their inspiring story, We asked, ‘Da ya think I’m sexy?’.

We first met Sumit and James when they approached us for immigration advice in order to live together in England. James is a respectable NHS doctor with excellent standing in the UK, while Sumit is a highly-skilled and qualified professional from India. As Sumit had experienced a previous visa refusal prior to seeing us, we knew we had to prepare for a complicated case moving forward. Given the couple’s desire to start their life together in the UK as soon as possible, we worked together towards a timeline in achieving their goals whilst preventing any hiccups.

Sumit and James remained very positive, patient and compliant throughout the process. They wanted to abide by the Immigration Rules and presented the comprehensive supporting documents we had requested. With their close co-operation, we were able to submit a robust UK visa application with strong legal arguments.

Fortunately, Sumit was shortly granted a Fiancé Visa. He was finally able to reunite with James and the happy couple got married within two months. We recently switched Sumit’s status to the Spouse Visa hence he is now on a permanent route to residing with James in the UK.

It was truly our pleasure to have Sumit and James as two of our most delightful clients. We wish them marital bliss, health and success for their future together!

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